Is there a downside of ‚sharing’ and ‚renting’?

The “Sharing Economy” has become a term that appears almost daily in the media. However, what is particularly noticeable is the fact that the media seems to focus particularly on problems of the sharing economy. So what is Sharing Economy?… Read More ›


What the Sharing Economy Means for Business

What the Sharing Economy Means for Business http://t.co/Rf83RWygMN — CollaborativeEconomy (@CollabCoalition) July 18, 2013 Shareconomy Lösungen scheinen dem traditionellen Business etwas „Angst“ einzuflösen. Man befürchtet Umsatzverluste und Verlust an Impact auf den Konsumenten. Doch wird sich dieser Trend – das… Read More ›